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Updated: Aug 4, 2019

PMoneyrewards - Earns money in many ways

PMoneyrewards is a platform that has been paying since 4 years and well known in all countries and do you know what is best of all? That serves in different languages! Including English, Spanish, etc.

So if you are reading me from anywhere in the world you can earn money with PMoneyrewards.

PMoneyrewards is a multitasking site where you earn PMR points for various tasks such as playing, doing surveys, downloading apps and other ways that you will find below. These points can be exchanged for gift cards or for money through PayPal.

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YES, PMoneyrewards pays…


To start you must register by entering a valid email, that simple. Avoid using Hotmail and Yahoo accounts to receive future emails without problem.

Once you have registered you will have to verify our account through email. When you have our account confirmed you can start earning PMR points.


Being a multitasking platform you find several ways to earn PMR points that will then be redeemable for PayPal gift cards or cash.

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What I like most about this platform is the variety when it comes to earning points, it has several sections and recesses that you should investigate since you can take advantage of it.

I can assure you that you can earn points every day since they also have the daily survey section with which you secure your points, but not only that.

How PMoneyrewards works?:

- Earn money with surveys: In this section you will find surveys of different panels gathered on a single platform. Just by completing the first initial questions you will earn 20 PMR points.

- Earn money for playing: Simply by playing in simple flash games you can earn more PMR points. Each game has its conditions and requirements to earn the points they offer.

- Earn money by downloading Apps: PMoneyrewards has lots of online games through which prizes will be distributed in the form of points according to the daily played games of all users. You can play daily as to earn points from it every day.

I was just testing this section and I have won 20 PMR points. The earnings are not fixed since they depend on the total daily games it varies 20 to 500 PMR points.

- Earn money by Completing offers: Here the panels of external companies meet in which you can earn points for visiting other pages, discarding apps, etc.

- Earn points for buying: Cashback section recently incorporated so you earn PMR points for each purchase made. Each store has its requirements and conditions, read them you will to receive the points correctly.


If you enter our account every day you will also earn points:

For every 30 points earned you receive 3 additional.

For every 100 points you get another 10 PMR points.

In both cases they have to be achieved within 24 hours. You can also increase the number of points by redeeming the “PMoneyrewards points” that can be in your official PayPal Account.

If you scroll down you will find this section so interesting from which you will earn more points for doing small actions. If you complete all you will earn extra points.


Another positive aspect of this platform is that you can redeem the prizes from an affordable amount. You can request payments from $ 10 through PayPal, you don’t have other options such as.

Now all users are using PayPal. It will give you pay-out method, Depending on the country, the prizes may vary slightly.

1000 PMR points are $ 10 through PayPal


This is the typical page where you register and leave it a little apart, it is what happened to me at the beginning hoover I started entering every day to do the survey and daily games and with the nonsense money accumulates. If you add to that the offers and tasks available (they have a lot) you can take advantage of PMoneyrewards.

As you can see I have only shelled the most important parts of the platform but if you continue to explore, you will surely find more ways to make money in PMoneyrewards.

If you like the pages to earn money doing homework, in the blog you work with a few that work you will, you know that the more you work the more chances you have to collect. Register and view in FREE in all, you do not lose anything to know if you can take advantage.

So I said, if you liked the platform and want to register, do not hesitate! I'll be glad to help you get the most out of it 😀

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